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Please fill out the application COMPLETELY. An incomplete application may cause a delay in processing. Your information is used exclusively by RMLR and will at no time be sold or available to third parties (unless otherwise stated below).

Please realize that we are a completely non-profit organization and our volunteers provide their own time, money, and gas to help out the organization. Thank you for your application and your interest in fostering a rescued a lab from the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

Terms of Fostering (You must initial each box in order for your application to be processed)

Note:  You must live in Colorado to be a foster for Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

Our foster homes are an essential entity of our rescue. Without foster homes we can not operate. If you are interested in a lab or lab mix this is a perfect way to find out if you are ready. As we need and value you in order for this rescue to run, we will work with your needs, as well as the needs of your family, to make the transition of fostering a dog easy and smooth. We will also work with your time frames and do as much of the leg work as you need us to do. Thank you for your interest in applying to be a foster parent. Please complete the form below as completely as possible.
The foster family agrees to provide proper shelter high quality food as advised by RMLR, and proper medical care (at the provided vets on the provided list), and agrees that this dog will not run free without supervision, be chained out, be allowed around children under 14 years without adult supervision present (varies by dog), be allowed to ride loose in the back of a truck, or be used for guarding purposes. Failure to comply with these terms will require that the dog be surrendered immediately and returned immediately to Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue and termination of fostering responsibilities. RMLR will provide the foster family with a crate and food (if desired).
Do You Have Another Dog(s)? *
If Yes, Please Describe Your Dog(s)
Spayed and/or Neutered
Do you Have a Cat? *
Has Your Cat Been Around Dogs?
Have You Owned a Lab Before?
Have You Previously Owned Other Types of Dogs?
Please indicate your preference for you lab's gender.
Would you accept a rescued lab requiring medication? (RMLR will provide all medications, you would just need to administer it)
Would you accept a rescued lab with special needs?
Home ownership
Live with parents/relatives?
Does every member of the household want to foster a dog?
Is your residence a
Do you have a fenced yard?
Is your yard currently securely fenced?
Will you use a chain, tie-out, or other stationary system to restrain your dog when s/he is alone outside?
Do you have have time to spend with the foster dog, in terms of housebreaking, basic training, and good manners? Please keep in mind, the majority of rescue dogs will need that extra help and will not always be "perfect" upon entering your home.
Do you have a crate? RMLR will provide one if needed.
Do you foster, or have you applied to foster with other rescues?
Please list two names and contact information of individuals who do not live with you who can provide information about your treatment of pets.
I understand: (You must check each box in order for your application to be processed)
I attest all information provided above is true. I promise to care for my foster Lab to the best of my ability. I also agree to keep a buckle collar, ID tag and RMLR tag on the dog, provide quality dog food, adequate shelter, vet care and training as needed (RMLR will provide transportation to vet appointments if needed). I understand that any inaccuracies shall result in my application being suspended or duty as a foster to be terminated.

I understand and agree that RMLR has the right to refuse my application if application or home situation is deemed by the RMLR as not appropriate for a rescued Labrador. You also agree and give permission to RMLR to check with other rescue groups, humane societies, or my veterinarian and/or to share information about my application with said other groups or with my veterinarian.

By submitting this information, you agree to:

1. Not transporting this dog unconfined in an open vehicle.
2. Not leave the dog unattended in any vehicle, as temperatures can escalate to a fatal level within five minutes.
3. Regularly check the tightness of any collar and to remove choke chains or other training collars from the dog when the dog is unattended.
4. Seek assistance from knowledgeable sources, including but not limited to RMLR personnel, veterinarians, behaviorists, or obedience trainers when problems with the dog's behavior arise.
5. Comply with all local, state, and federal ordinances, laws, statutes, and regulations concerning animal ownership or guardianship, including but not limited to licensing requirements.
6. Provide suitable confinement for the dog. Under no circumstances is the dog to be routinely tethered (or tied up) as a means of confinement.
7. Provide for suitable care if the Foster(s) will be absent from the home. RMLR can be contacted at any point if the foster lab needs to be moved to a different home or boarding facility.

I have read and agree to the RMLR policies stated above.