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Please fill out the application COMPLETELY. An incomplete application may cause a delay in processing. Your information is used exclusively by RMLR and will at no time be sold or made available to third parties.

Please realize that we are a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers who have families, jobs and other obligations.  Thank you for your application and your interest in rescuing a dog from the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

Terms of Adoption (You must initial each box in order for your application to be processed)

The adoption application process may take a few weeks. Are you willing to wait that long to get a dog? *
The adoption fee for most dogs varies based on age. All of the fees are applied to the expenses for vetting, transportation, food, boarding, etc. If old enough, the dogs will have been altered, fully vaccinated, (rabies, distemper), heartworm tested and dewormed, and given other medical treatment as needed for issues RMLR is aware of and can treat prior to adoption. Any and all adoption fees are non-refundable.
If, for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory for the dog or for the adoptive owner, the dog must be returned to RMLR for rehoming. RMLR reserves the right to take back any dog if it is ever neglected, improperly cared for, or allowed to become a nuisance to others.
All dogs are microchipped before being adopted. They will be registered with RMLR’s contact information.
If adopted, the dog must be licensed in accordance with existing laws in the adoptive owner’s town, county, and state, and the Rabies vaccination must be kept current for the lifetime of the dog.
The adoption fee for puppies that have not yet been altered due to age covers all of the vetting up to the point of adoption. RMLR will pay for the altering of your dog at any of our approved veterinarians at the appropriate age (up to 6 months). When adopting an unaltered puppy, we require an additional $100 deposit. This deposit is held until we receive proof that the puppy has been altered by the appropriate time. If you choose to have your dog altered by a non-approved vet, RMLR will pay $100 directly to your veterinarian towards the procedure.
Adoptive owners agree to provide proper shelter, high quality food, and proper medical care. They also agree that the dog will be securely leashed outside, and will not allow the dog to run free, off leash, or out of the immediate control of the owner, will not be chained outside, and will be supervised properly around children. They will not be allowed to ride free in the back of a truck or be used for guarding purposes. Failure to comply with these terms will require that the dog be surrendered immediately and returned to Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue without a refund.
The adoptive owner agrees to follow a regular vaccination program as established by a reputable veterinarian.
All family/household members must be present to meet the adoptive dogs in their foster homes.
I understand that dogs can have unexpected vetting expenses arise at anytime.
I am financially able to address vetting obligations that may reach into the thousands of dollars unexpectedly.
About You
Are you prepared to adopt a rescued lab now?
About Your Current Pets
Do you have another dog(s)?
Spayed or neutered
Do you have a cat?
Has your cat been around dogs?
Are you aware that introducing a rescued dog to your cat might require considerable time and training and that occasionally the introduction fails?
Previous Dog Ownership
Have you owned a lab before?
Have you previously owned other types of dogs?
Have you ever adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue organization before?
About Your Interest In Adopting A Rescued Lab
Please indicate your preference for the dogs’s gender
Are you aware that in some cases our rescued dogs are of unknown parentage?
Would you accept a rescued dog requiring medication?
Would you accept a rescued dog with special needs?
About Your Home Environment
Home ownership *
Live with parents/relatives? *
Does every member of the household want a new dog? *
Is your residence a
Do you have a fenced yard
Is your yard currently securely fenced
Do you plan to use a chain, tie-out or other stationary method to restrain your dog when the dog is outside alone?
Dog Health & Behavior Plan
Are you familiar with Heartworm Prevention
Are you aware Labs are predisposed to hip knee elbow eye ear and skin problems *
Crating is an effective way of keeping your dog and home safe when you are not there. RMLR endorses the use of crates as a means of safety, training and security for the dog. Please talk to the RMLR contact during your phone interview about crating if you have any questions.
Do you object to the use of a crate
Do you have a crate
Would you get one
Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your dog *
Have you ever trained a dog before *
Are you willing to give a rescued Lab at least 3 months to adjust to you your family and his new environment *
Some Final Questions
Have you applied for adoption from any other rescue
Please list two names and contact information of individuals who do not live with you who can provide information about your treatment of pets.
I understand: (You must check each box in order for your application to be processed) *
I attest that all information provided above is true. I promise to care for my dog to the best of my ability with the full intent of keeping the dog for the duration of it’s life. I also agree to keep collar, ID tag and RMLR tag on the dog, provide quality dog food, adequate shelter, vet care and training as needed. I understand that any inaccuracies shall result in my application being suspended. I understand and agree that RMLR has the right to refuse my application for any reason. I also agree and give permission for RMLR to check with other rescue groups, humane societies, or my veterinarian and/or to share information about my application with said other groups or with my veterinarian.
By submitting this application, you agree to:
1. Not transporting the dog uncrated in an open vehicle.
2. Not leaving the dog unattended in any vehicle in inappropriate weather condiditons.
3. Check the tightness of any collar on a regular basis.
4. Seek assistance from knowledgeable sources, including but not limited to RMLR volunteers, veterinarians, behaviorists, or obedience trainers when problems with the dog's behavior arise.
5. Comply with all local, state, and federal ordinances, laws, statutes, and regulations concerning animal ownership or guardianship, including but not limited to licensing requirements.
6. Provide suitable confinement for the dog. Under no circumstances is the dog to be routinely tethered as a means of containment.
7. Provide for suitable care if the Adopter(s) will be absent from the home (vacations, etc).
I have read and agree to the RMLR policies as stated above.